General Construction

Space creative developer for customer value

Nature and technology together to increase the value of conservation, providing a pleasant life for customers, and leading the way
in building new values as a friendly space creator where cities and nature converge.

By implementing a middle-of-the-road plan at the intersection of nature and engineering, the project aims to preserve the national
territory development and natural environment, while improving the value of space and promoting stability in life.
The goal is to build a place where you can develop a more comfortable and healthy life to the next level, and create unlimited energy
by continuously innovating and creating customer emotions.

Space creative developer for customer value

Project Name Location Period Client Amount(KRW)
Construction work for the Central Line Electric Vehicle Office (1st~3rd, continuous cost) Yangpyeong 04.2007~04.2012 Korea Rail Network Authority 21,293,000,000
Suzy Building Construction (Excluding Sports Center and Underground Parking Lot) Yongin 11.2007~02.2012 Yongin Clean Water Co., Ltd. 63,058,000,000
09- Pyeongchang facility construction Pyeongchang 02.2009~10.2010 Marine Corps Command 2,127,000,000
Public Parking Lot Construction work (1st~2nd) of 6812 Taepung1-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam Seongnam 10.2007~09.2009 Seongnam City Hall 1,684,000,000
New Building Construction for Jaan Health Care Center in Hwaseong City (1st ~ 2nd) Hwaseong 12.2008~08.2009 Hwaseong City Health Center 944,000,000
Construction of Small and Medium Business Support Center in Jeollanam-do Jeollanam-do Muan 10.2007~03.2009 Jeonnam Development Corporation 3,871,000,000
New Construction of the Rhesome Building in Banpo-dong Seoul 01.2006~12.2007 Lysome France Jang Hyun Sook 192,000,000
DaeHwa Middle School Restroom Improvement Construction Goyang 07.2007~09.2007 Goyang Office of Education 117,000,000